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Insolvency adminis­tration

Experienced experts

Corporate crises and insolvencies often conceal opportunities - they can offer possibilities for restructuring and a fresh start.

From nationwide large-scale proceedings with several thousand employees and creditors to medium-sized and small corporate insolvencies to consumer insolvency proceedings: Johlke Niethammer has been one of the leading adresses in insolvency administration for more than 50 years.

Partners of our firm are regularly appointed as insolvency administrators or administrators in self-administration proceedings by courts in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen and Lower Saxony.

One goal - two options

Insolvency plan and restructuring by transfer

We are committed to ensure that businesses are continued and jobs are maintained. This also serves the creditors' satisfaction in the best possible way.

We stand for both sophisticated insolvency plan solutions and successful restructuring by transfer. Thus, after the ESUG came into force, we successfully completed  one of the first conversions within the framework of an insolveny plan. Find more here.

Insolvency under self-administration

We are your competent partner

When a company is restructured under self-administration, the management remains "on board". ESUG made it noticeably easier to access a restructuring under self-administration. We advise companies and their management on how to fulfil the many and varied tasks and duties involved in self-administration and draw up insolvency plans for corporate restructuring.

With our know-how and many years of experience, we can make an important contribution to the success of a restructuring under self-administration.

We also support companies as consultants in fulfilling their tasks and duties within the scope of self-administration under insolvency law. In selected cases, we also act as restructuring directors (CRO) or general representatives.

Administrators in self-administration proceedings

Future-oriented support

Trust in our expertise and experience is important to us. Partners of our law firm regularly accompany insolvency proceedings under self-administration and protective shielding procedures ("Schutzschirmverfahren") as administrators, even when consolidated companies are concerned.

We see the task of administrators in self-administration proceedings not only in the supervision of self-administration, but also in a future-oriented advisory support.


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We advise companies on restructuring with highly specialized know-how and entrepreneurial understanding that make us highly demanded consultants.

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Prüfung und Beratung

Consulting and auditing

Comprehensive legal, business and tax advice in crisis and insolvency - strong partners at your side.

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